Gösta Videgård

Founder of Ekhagastiftelsen

Gösta Videgård was born in 1893. He was an construction engineer and during the 1930s and 1940s he ran a very successful construction business. After 1948 his aim was more general business. Gösta was one of the first persons in Sweden to realize the possibilities of freezing technology. Among other things he operated a shipping business with refrigeration ships. 1952 Gösta Videgård passed away on a business trip abroad.

In his personal life Gösta Videgård devoted much interest to "the natural way of looking after oneself and his food". His way of life was characterized by a love for nature and to the things that, according to his opinion were natural and consistent with nature. Personally he had simple habits, used to some extent vegetarian food and enjoyed sailing, skating and other open-air activities. His ambition to live healthy way of life may have come from the fact that he had since his youth had weak health and had suffered many illnesses. When it came to the treatment of these illnesses he showed a strong belief in natural medicines. His strong belief in nature and its ability to cure and produce healthy products came to mean that in agriculture he became interested in natural methods, primarily biodynamic. In the area of medicine he became especially attached to the methods of treatment - based on food that promoted natural healing - that were used for example at Cademario in Switzerland.

Through a founding document dated December 1st 1944 Gösta Videgård created a foundation called Ekhagastiftelsen, to which he donated the larger part of his wealth.