Who can apply

Ekhagastiftelsen does not have any restrictions regarding from which country an application can come. We accept applications from all over the world.

For applications that do not come from Europe, Canada or the USA we strongly recommend that your project has a reserach cooperation with a swedish institution where the partner is involved in the research project. Please be sure to describe the details of the cooperation. Note! This is a recommendation and not mandatory! By Europe we mean the european continent, not the European Union.

For applications from european countries we do not have any formal requirements that applications can only come from institutions (universities, colleges, research institutions, etc.). Applications from other countries have to have an organization or institution as managing body of the grant. We accept applications from anybody (even private individuals) but please note our requirements when it comes to project design, implementation and evaluation.

It is possible to apply for scholarships, but these are normally only granted for research related projects. We do not sponsor basic education at university level.