Requesting funds

Payment of funds can be made throughout the year after request from the grant recipient.
A first payment of funds can only be made after we have received the popular scientific summary of the project.
Grants are paid for one year at a time and with up to 80 % of the yearly grant.
For grants spanning over more than one year a yearly report has to be submitted and further payments depend on the quality of the yearly report.
The remaining funds can be requested after the yearly or final report have been submitted and approved by the foundation.
For grants over 250 000 SEK per year funds are paid per four-month or six-month period.
» Per four-month period when the payment is more than 100 000 SEK, otherwise per six-month period.
» To foreign grant recipients payments are made per six-month period.

Funds not requested within 2 years of project end are revoked and used for other projects.

If a final report is not submitted, the foundation can ask for the repayment of funds.

Writing the funds request

There is no form for requesting payment of funds. Funds are requested by sending a letter to the foundation. The letter can be sent by mail or as an attachment to an email.

The letter must contain the following:
» Application number,
» Project title,
» Contact person and address,
» Totalt amount of grant,
» Earlier requested amount,
» Amount now requested,
» Payment instructions.

Note! Please also specify any specific reference that you want us to mark the payment with!

For payments within Sweden please provide either
- Bank- or Plusgironumber and name of account holder, or
- Accountnumber, bank clearing number, bank name and name of account holder.

For payments outside of Sweden please provide IBAN-number and BIC-code/Swift-address as well as name of bank and account holder. In countries where IBAN-number is not used the following information must be provided: Account holder, account number, name of bank, address to the bank and BIC-code/Swift-address.