Ekhaga Foundation Conference Series:


The foundation aims at regularly arranging scientific conferences. The focus of these conferences will be the main objectives of the foundation - complementary and alternative medicine as well as ecological agriculture.
The aim with the conferences is to offer a place for national and international researchers to meet for discussions regarding research relevant for the Ekhaga foundation. Where this research stands today and what research should be about in the future.

In april 2010 the foundation arranged a 2-day scientific conference on the subject of Integrative Care and Gut Ecology and Allergy. During the conference, internationally acknowledged experts presented state of the art research and perspectives for the future. In addition, some of the research projects which have received major funding from the Foundation during the last decade were presented.
Around 60 speakers and participants were invited to participate in the conference at the Villa Källhagen in Stockholm, known for its beautiful surroundings and excellent cuisine. The high standard scientific core of the conference was accompanied by cultural events, specifically developed for the occasion in the spirit of the initiator of the Ekhaga Foundation, Gösta Videgård.

The Conference Proceedings include a short introduction to the Ekhaga Foundation, followed by an introduction to some of the research areas which have received funding. The spirit of the presentations is indicated by excerpts from the keynote presentations. The scientific programme and the invited session abstracts are all included in the proceedings. A lay scientific summary in Swedish of the Ekhaga Foundation research projects is also attached.

The proceedings can be downloaded by clicking the link to the right in this page.

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