Which research is supported


Within AGRICULTURE the foundation supports research relating to improvement and further development of ecological agriculture (ecologically well suited agricultural systems where chemical compounds for fertilization and other uses are replaced with ecological and biological measures of promoting production). Here the goal should be the production of high quality food that are well suited at improving the public health and development. Further, research in preparation and storage of food with natural technology can be supported.

Within MEDICINE the foundation supports research relating to the improvement and further development of such methods of healing that are natural and suited to promote the inherent human ability of self-healing. The holistic view of the human health, where not only medicine but also the effects of food and environment are observed, is here of great importance. Research in the significance of the environment and the way of life for the state of health is also supported. Furthermore, the foundation is open for contributing to the creation of a research center in Sweden for biological medicine.

Applications for scholarships and strategic efforts to promote a development consistent with the aim of the foundation can be accepted. The foundation also welcomes applications for planning-grants, which are used to get a better foundation for a final application of further studies. This may be in the form of workshops or seminars that may also be a part of a dialogue between researchers and the scientific advisory council of the foundation.

In the first place it is the foundations aim to support strategic and innovative projects.

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